Demographic Factors Research

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Demographic Factors Research Paper

Week 2-Team A

David Williams, Christina Richardson, Bonnelley Pa'uulu and Diane West


Managing in a Cross-Cultural Environment

Juan Lopez-Montoya

July 19, 2010


Team's Overall Analysis


Through the study of cultural diversity, three distinguishing features emerge; one of which is universal traits. Kottak & Kozaitis, (2003) explain universal features include cultural universals which contain "religion (belief in supernatural beings, powers, and forces)" (p. 21). The authors go on to state that within the contemporary American culture, "although united by government, are typically divided by class, region, ethnicity, religion and political interest groups" (p. 22). Religion plays an important role in all cultures and respect and appreciation for the diverse beliefs is paramount when establishing relations and offering services.

Respect for religious beliefs is not just for the customer's sake. The employee's religious beliefs must also receive respect.

The employee, many of which are representative of the local cultures are due the respect of having work hours that do not interfere with their worship and do not result in disrespect for the individual's religious attire. American values were those of Christian values brought over from Europe. Entering the global economy, the traditional values of American's are becoming intermixed with those beliefs of religious organizations, which in the past have gone with little notice. Social control by one religious belief is now receiving competition from both new and alternative religious movements and religious beliefs of the world.

McDonald's Corporation has found religion plays an important role in marketing and has paid fines to religious groups for falsely advertising the use of vegetable oil in place of beef flavoring when making french-fries. Vegetarians and many religions and cultures prohibit consumption of animal products and...