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Houston is one of the best well known states in Texas, it has history, diversity, and known to be a very hot location in the summer. It also carries the familiar disaster of Hurricane Katrina that many probably would love to forget. Even with its terrible misfortunes, Houston is still one location that is visited often throughout the year. Our team demographics paper will consist of information about Houston, TX. This popular state contains history many will people will not soon forget such as Hurricane Katrina. Our paper will also document how the city population increased, and the birth and deaths rates that took place before and after Katrina. This paper will apply information about immigration and emigration rates, age and population growth rates followed by factors that would probably effect population along with society.

The city of Houston Texas is one of the biggest cities by population coming in behind three big name cities; New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Houston has a population around 2.2 million people as of early 2009. (City of Houston, 2009). Over the past couple years; the city of Houston was one on of the fastest growing cities in the United States, not until recent times did the cities growth rate start to level out. Is this city growing because people are moving here or because of the rate at which babies are born? Well, Houston Texas leads the nation in teenage pregnancy which could be helping the population growth. (Chron, 2009). In Texas the birth rate is 17.1 per 1000 estimated population area. (InfoPlease, 2004).This is the highest in all the United States. These two facts alone help us to believe that the growth rate in Houston is because babies are being born at a high rate.

With Houston, Texas having the...