A Demon story Part 1

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Chapter 1Stephen saw the young attractive women walking down the alley, taking a turn between two dilapidated abandoned buildings. The night wasn’t meant for a walk on the park, sort of speak, given that the young women was about to receive her lesson.

At a night such as this one, with the wind blowing at such quick pace, and brushing against the skin with a silky cold whisper, with the new moon exposing a nocturnal shadow that frowned upon the isolated night, was when the creatures of the night stalked their prey. Especially a woman whose beauty radiated from the silhouette of the night, was in the contrary served to the aspect of her taste in the mouth that in her visual beauty, due to the viewpoint of the dark creatures. But to Stephen, however, this disoriented women served for another hunger and another purpose.

Stephen was seduced by the women’s succulent beauty.

The petite glow of the night’s sky stars lighted the darkness, and revealed the women’s creamed ashen skin with a hint of her silky surface. Half way down her back, her dark locks gracefully danced on her hips as she leisurely paced the decaying corridor. Her legs were sculpt into the perfect ness of her astound beauty, since she was bearing the miniskirt of her work uniform, which also brought the prospect of her voluptuous body, given that her work uniform hugged her body to the perfections of her curves. She was molded to the flawless fantasies of that of a young man.

Caught in by her luscious visual presentation, Stephen was responsible for a careless mistake. He stepped on an undersized twig that triggered a slight thud which caused the attention of the enigmatic human female. Concealed by the shadows of the street lamps...