The denial of Japanese War Crimes and atrocities

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In 1937, the Japanese invaded East Asia and the western Pacific Region. The Japanese aggressively occupied the major coastal cities and committed terrible savage atrocities to the people between 1937 and 1945 being lead by their uncontrollable desire for aggression, expansion, and imperialism. By the time that the war had ended in 1945, 20 million Chinese had died at the hands of the Japanese. The Japanese military savagely killed millions of people and have been in denial about the atrocities for many years. They destroy any evidence and documents and refuse to have this history printed in the schoolbooks for the children to study. The Japanese military threatens anyone who speaks any truth about the war crimes that took place to keep this swept under the rug.

Not only did the Japanese savagely kill millions of people; they also forced women into sex slavery. Terrible acts were committed against people like slave labor, massacres, executions, beheadings, hangings, germ and gas warfare, beatings, rapings, torturing, even at times burning and/or burning people alive and much more.

Captured Allied airmen and members of Special Forces, such as commandos were treated especially brutal. These savage military actions are continuously being denied by the Japanese who refuse to even apologize or compensate the war crime atrocity victims. Is the Japanese's

refusal to acknowledge the World War II atrocities motivated by a deep cultural inability to accept responsibility or is it just a political embarrassment that might undermine the

international and political status quo? Are the Japanese not willing to accept their responsibility in these crimes or are they afraid to that by telling the truth, the whole

truth, may leave their country in shame? My paper will show the truth as the facts are and how they can not be denied and despite irrefutable...