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A dentist is the primary care professionalism for the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. A dentist provides care like oral hygiene, diagnosis, treatment, and surgery. Dentists also direct the work of auxiliary personnel. Dentists are skilled in the technical aspects of dentistry as well as in pain control and the management of anxiety. The dentist's main concern is of the functions of the jaw and other oral structures. The patients acceptance is a great concern from the dentist. Related jobs include physician, optometrist, veterinarian, podiatrist, and osteopath.

Dentists work in clinics, hospitals, research labs, dental schools, government agencies, and industries. All of which are very clean and neat. In this profession the job settling for dentistry always must meet health regulations. The current job ratio for dentists is limited. However, there is to be a shortage of dentists in a few years due to the number of dentists retiring and the number of students entering the field.

In Illinois there was approximately 8,893 in 1998. The need in 2000 was 11,671 a 31% in crease. The average income for desists is a respectable salary. For general practitioners it is $89,900 a year. But for dental specialists it was $148,520 a year. In Illinois the staring salary is $10.95 and hour with a range of $17.50-$40.00 an hour.

The required training for dentists is similar to any health occupation. A dentist must graduate from an accredited college of dentistry and pass a state board examination to practice. After this a dentist may receive a Master of Science degree. This training is generally linked to teaching, conducting research, and consulting.

Dentists obtain a challenging and very regarding career. It takes many years of schooling and hard work. Dentists face new...