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Originating in 1903, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) was originally created to enhance economic growth and technological advancement within the nation. Although its original name was The United States Department of Commerce and Labor, ten years later the Department of Labor split off, and the two became separate agencies. The first secretary of the DOC was G. B. Cortelyou, who served from February 18, 1903 to June 30, 1904.

The current secretary goes by the name of Carlos Gutierrez, a Cuban native. His earlier position included being a sales representative and management trainee fro Kellogg's and driving a delivery truck. Once becoming promoted to corporate vice president of product development, it wasn't long until he was Vice President of the entire Kellogg USA. Eventually becoming CEO, it was obvious Gutierrez was bound for greater things. In 2004 he became Secretary of Commerce, a decision made by President George W. Bush. I believe George W. decided he was best for the job based on all the work he did reaching the top. It's obvious to anyone he has skills and experience in management, and there's no doubt from his past that he's a diligent worker.

Within the department there are nine divisions and 5 sub-divisions. One of the more important agencies is the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). They deal with things like technology and national security. By regulating foreign trade they have the sensitive job of making sure certain technology doesn't fall into the wrong hands (such as 'weapons of mass destruction').Then there's The International Trade Administration (ITA). They also ensure foreign trade, and keep our country alive in a sense. There's no way we could survive without foreign imports, so the job of regulating something like that is quite important. Also, they protect Americans from subsidized...