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DOH is one of the government agencies. Created to look, help and diminish the health problems of the family. It is created for the people, individual, and for the family. They are the one what's the best for the health of the people. They study about the illnesses of the people and the solution for it. They make programs to sustain the health of the family. They already made sangkap pinoy, ligtas digtas, libre bakuna and so and so forth. But then, they come up to programs for the family that has controversy on it and some people questioning the credibility of the programs "the Population Control and the Family planning".

Autonomy, the family and specifically every one of us have the right and freedom of choice and to have our own decision. Also, there is a tendency among health workers to assume that they know what is the best for their patient.

If that's the case, what if the program or procedure you are entering has not yet studied well, that there is a bad effects on it, like the birth control pills and some medical procedures. Man and woman will sacrifice their life just to follow the population programs.

Non-maleficence, health care providers are oblige to avoid harming patients and to actively prevent harm where it is possible to occur. Doctors, nurses, and other health workers were formed to give care and prevent illnesses of the people. They are not task to increase the death rate but the task is to promote the most possible healthy lifestyle. They just cannot give method to a family to control their child production if there is a result that is harmful to them. But if there is a circumstance of having both good and bad effects, the good must be...