Depresonalization- Derealization

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depresonalization- derealization and social anxiety dissorder its what i suffer from, so i wanna look at some essays well i have also dealed with snake NT. i also live in the NT, in katherine, just south of darwin where snakes NT is located. I purashed a carpet python and and a water python off them. Thankfully i was able to look at the reptiles before purchase. The water python is fine but that was captive breed so i can understand that. Where as the carpet python was caught through snake NT's callout service. It is a very fussy feeding and rarely feeds. When i purchased the snake it was my first experience with reptiles and i was told it was a excellent snake that eats well, by ben. Well dont get me wrong it is a beautiful snake but it doesn't eat. Force-feeding is mostly required and as a new comer to keeping reptiles i had no idea on how to do it.

I rang Ben for advice and he said just give it time and let it adjust to it's new environment. Well it is now over a year and a half and it still isn't settled in or eating propely.

Snake NT is allowed through a special permit to capture reptiles from the wild, only if they are caught on a callout though. Ben has a very good set up and has a good practice. I just think that the idea is wrong of keeping wild reptiles in captivity.

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