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In the article 'Everyday Factors Can Trigger Depression by the Daily Record in Glasgow, published on July 4, 2001 statistics surrounding depression are discussed. According to this article approximately one in 10 people are diagnosed with depression or anxiety at some time throughout their life. This number has risen in recent years, perhaps this is due to advancement in the medical community and people are more likely to seek out help once depression or anxiety strikes.

The mental health charity MIND, reports that depression is characterized by low feelings and lethargy, but can vary in duration and severity. MIND's Fiona Jackson says: "Everybody has their ups and downs - it's depression if you can't get on with your daily life. Anybody can suffer from depression - but it is a very treatable mental health problem." Causes of depression and anxiety are also addressed. The report states that for some, depression and anxiety can be triggered by circumstances such as a bereavement or marriage break-up, but for numerous others it comes as and unexpected occurrence.

This article goes into great detail on the most serious form of depression, manic depression Manic depression is a serious psychotic illness, which is thought to affect one in 100 people at some time in their lives. Sufferers can suffer excessive mood swings, ranging from periods of elation and excitement to delusions, combined with loss of judgment and inhibitions. Manic depression can be prolonged, immobilizing and ultimately life- threatening, although severe cases of depression can also lead someone to take their own life. Figures reveal that 93 young people up to the age of 25 killed themselves in Scotland in 1999, due to some form of manic depression. Manic depression is a repeated, continual condition, but it can be controlled by a combination of medication, support...