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So you're maybe thinking 'What the hell is wrong with this guy? Has he no idea of the devastating effect that drugs have had on modern society? Is he totally ignorant of the rampant crime and violence associated with drugs? And, lastly, has he no concept of how drugs are destroying our children? Well, duh.

It is absolutely impossible to live today without experiencing the effects of drugs on the average citizen. You no longer have to be the one getting high to feel the repercussions of drug use. If you get buzzed on the lower spectrum, you're still paying for the dangerous idiocy at the other end. You see, our scientific ability to extract the most dangerous part of something and isolate it is biting our behind right now.

The only reason we have cocaine is, well, because we CAN. There is no loftier reason than that. We have innumerable inventions and practices both good and bad just because someone thought of it and made one or wrote it down.

LSD was created by a man looking for a blood thinner. He developed it further because, why not? Everything more that we know is another step forward. Scientific curiosity begs an explanation for every accident, so a mistake or failure often becomes a new challenge. When the psychologists got wind of the hallucinogenic properties of the drug, they immediately began using it to study dementia because the behavior patterns were similar.

I'm sure they were all quite surpassed when the CIA and others started saying 'hey, we can use this!' Most drugs that can kill us were pretty much invented or refined by us. The only reason we have a problem with them is the rampant practice of telling half-truths to promote a personal agenda. Spreading the idea that...