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Depression Leading to Teenage Suicide Thousands of teens are suffering from pressures and problems, which cause depression. Teens with family history of depression are at especially high risk of developing it. For those who do not seek or receive help, depression can be life threatening. More than half of these teens have thought of or have tried to commit suicide, indicating that depression is the main cause of teen suicide today.

Teens face many obstacles leading to pressures and problems, which have a great affect on them. The teenage years of a person's life are the most crucial time to their transition into becoming an adult. The amount of peer pressure and wanting to fit in can bring about depression in a teenager's life.

"Kids being neglected or abused "¦ feel significant depression"¦"(Teens in Depression, pg 1) For teenagers popularity and social status determines their place in society. A teenager that feels neglected or not liked is far more prone to depression than a teenager that is popular with lots of friends.

A key element to depression, which can lead to suicide, is social isolation such as in high school. (Teens in Depression, pg 2). Many teenagers in high school deal with feeling alone, not having many friends, and poor social skill causing them to feel left out. They tend to feel that they don't fit in with their peers, causing them to feel left out. As many as 11 percent of high school students admit having made at least one suicide attempt." (Depression) For those that have tried to commit suicide there are many more that have at least thought of committing suicide some time in their teenage years.

Teens who have thought of or have tried to commit suicide are depressed. Sociologists believe that suicide is the result...