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Depression is a disorder of the mind that disturbs between eight and seventeen percent of the U.S population. It's occurance is two to three times more likely in women than men.

The effects and symptoms of depression are numerous. It can cause change in Eating and sleeping habits, changes in energy level, or a drop in the level of self esteem. All of these are both the symptoms of depression and the symptoms of it. Some people may have all of these, some may just have a few, but everyone who has depression has at least one or two of them.

Depression usually changes a person's appetite, sometimes the person will begin to eat a lot more food, to the point that they will gain a lot of weight, but those people with depression will eat much less and begin to lose weight. These people areat risk of becoming malnurished and also run the risk of becoming an anorexic.

Sleep habits often change as well. People with depression may start to sleep a lot more than they normally would, but again they might also sleep much less than normal. A person with depression doesn't realize and most of the time has no control whatsoever over these feelings. They have no idea that what is wrong with them is that they have depression. They might put the blame on some other stressful thing or even other people.

Changes in the level of energy a person has can be caused by depression. One possible reason for this ties into their eating and sleeping habits. If a person starts to eat less, or sleep less they will notice a drop in how much energy the have. Some people with depression may become edgy or fidgety. Also the people may become very easily upset...