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A- Reasons and prominent figures:

It is December 11, 1792, the trial of the King of France Louis XVI. After all the bloody nobleman's heads were chopped off it was the King's turn. The French Revolution, which started on 1789, is about to come to an end after 3 years of revolution in a way a civil war between the rich and the poor, the commons and the nobles. The French Revolution was "The Best of Times, the Worst of Times." The wealthy lived the best life, but the poor lived the worst lives. The French Revolution had started after the people couldn't take the heavy taxes and the harsh laws anymore. During this time if you had money you had everything. There were even special jail reform papers sold to rich for wanting someone to get into jail just because you don't like them. An absolute Monarch, Louis XVI, ruled France at that time.

The National System of Justice and the Catholic Church had given Louis XVI the right to decree taxation and leader of military forces. But to keep these powers in your hand you, the monarch leader has to be a string and stable person. But Louis XVI was neither strong nor stable. He didn't know how to control the taxes and made them really high, which lead to the revolution. Louis XVI had established the start of the French Revolution by taking the powers of nobles to himself; meaning that he reduced the powers of the nobles to gain power and made strict and harsh high tax laws. The people came to a point where they didn't have nothing to eat, nothing to buy with, they were starving. Some of the tax laws were so out of order that for example if you had earned...