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Greed is everywhere. In the film, 'The Power of One' directed by John G. Avildsen, 'Divergent' written by Veronica Roth, ;The New Neighbours' written by Tim Jones, and 'Treasure Planet' directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, we see how greed is everywhere, and how it affects our morals and actions. These texts display that all people are capable of greed.

Sometimes people are greedy for power. In the film, 'The Power of One', Avildsen shows the story of how an English boy, named PK, grows up in a corrupt and segregated South Africa. An example of greed in the film is when a guard of a prison where PK and his guardian were staying kills one of the black prisoners. The guard, Sergeant Bormann, does this because he feels intimidated and belittled because of a Zulu song written by PK. This leads to the guard confronting Giel Piet, the prisoner, and demands a translation through violence.

In this scene, we see Sergeant Bormann begin to beat Giel Piet, until he provides a translation. Bormann: "What are they singing?" Giel Piet: "They run this way, they run that way, they are confused, they are afraid." This shows that he did not know what the black prisoners were singing, which makes him feel powerless. When Giel Piet translates the song, he becomes angry. He wanted to prove his dominance over Giel Piet, and so he beats Giel Piet and leaves him to bleed to death. This makes him feel more powerful and dominant over the prisoners, and shows us his greed for power. This shows how when people in society don't feel powerful, they are sometimes willing to do anything to gain power. This will influence their actions, and can lead to extreme outcomes. In 'The Power of One', we...