In depth look at Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapists also known as Physiotherapists are healthcare specialists who restore mobility in disabled or injured patients. They also work to strengthen previously injured muscles and alleviate pain.

Classes that some one interested in physical therapy should be looking into are Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Health, and motivational speaking to help depressed or unwilling patients. Requirements for becoming a physical therapist are either a bachelors or masters degree in physical therapy. To get a degree in physical therapy one must complete an accredited physical therapy program. These programs are available at many colleges and universities and some are given from the hospitals themselves. Like many other medical professions certification is not mandatory but is a very desirable credential. Without certification it is impossible to become a specialist or sub specialist. To become certified you must take an exam from the American Board of Physical Therapy. The laws of practice for physical therapy usually have differences from state to state.

If you move to a state with different jurisdiction for your job you must take the required exam of that state and become recertified.

Physical therapists earn on average about 45,000 to 50,000 a year but earn less when starting out and much more depending on professional reputation and experience.

The job for a physical therapist entails many things. First the therapist examines the patient's medical chart to see what the problem is and what complications may come about. After this they devise a plan for rehabilitation or care depending on the patients needs. They must confirm the treatment with the patient's physician before the actual work can be started. The needs of different patients vary but the most common needs for physical therapy are for increasing mobilization because of an injury, old age, or other illnesses. Also strengthening and...