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Mother Bear

Deidria Lyn Hall is forty-one-years-old resident of Brownsburg Indiana. She is a graduate of Brownsburg High School located in central Indiana. She is currently an incredible mother and a Purchasing coordinator for IU Health in downtown Indianapolis. Though she did not go to college herself, she has taught me the importance of education and hard work to become successful. She is the type of person no matter how busy she is she always has time for her family. My mother once said to me "Life will throw challenges at you that you do not expect, you just have to be able to deal with them as they come". I feel that this statement accurately portrays the type of person that she is.

Growing up being the oldest of three siblings, she was introduced early to the importance of responsibility...

juggling work at an early age, being a multisport student-athlete and a positive role model for her siblings, she never had much time for herself. As an adolescent she was faced with the challenge of helping her financially struggling parents while she was still learning how to take care of herself. She once said to me, "Sometimes you are faced with oppositions that are out of your control". This being true in her case she still managed to find a way to make the best out of the situation she was in. After she graduated high school, she was introduced to what people call the "real world". She and my father would begin their lives together. She would soon to receive a job at Clarion Health as a patient transporter. Due to her situation growing up as a child, she believed that she was as ready as she could...