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Dersu Uzala Through the remembrance of the main character about his best friend—Dersu Uzala, the audiences pay attention to barbaric man who has close relationship with nature. With his sharp observation, he can do a great job as a guide leader to help the military men find the road to get out of the jungle.

Dersu Uzala was a symbol for wilderness of nature. He walked briskly as fox. He was strong-hearted when confronting the challenge of severe nature. Dersu Uzala helped Captain Arserniev to overcome the snowstorm when two of them got lost in vast snow field. Dersu Uzala was ready to rescue his fellow traveler. He was a naïve and kind-hearted person.

Dersu Uzala and Captain Arserniev became best friends. After that, Captain Arserniev supported Dersu Uzala to live in the city; Dersu Uzala could not be accustomed with city lives. He was withered.

He knew everybody in Captain Arseiniev family was nice with him, but he was a fish out of the water. When he said good bye to his friends, he felt sad. He had no choice. If he still lived in the city, maybe he would die gradually.

However, returning to wilderness, Dersu Uzala could not recover his sharp observation and unfortunately, he had a nice rifle—a good-bye gift of Captain Arseiniev. Consequently, he became the target of criminals. He died with nothing, except the visiting card of his best friend. Dersu Uzala’s dead was same as the dead of nature when being in contact with civilization.

In short, Dersu Uzala represented for the strategy of decline of nature. There is no room for the naïve, wild and barbaric man. The civilization will destroy the wilderness of nature. Stop sprawl is a good conclusion after watching this film.

Bibliography: Vladimir Arsennyev, Derzu Uzala, 1975