Describe and Analyse any Recent Organisational Change, Discuss the Problems Encountered in the Process of Managing Change and Suggest Possible Solutions to these Problems.

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Organisational Changes in DAR AL FIKR SCHOOL (DAFS)

Descriptive and Analytic Assignment




An Informative Overview of The Organisation:


New vision of DAFS that necessitate an organisational change.


Resources of Changes


Change Process


Outcomes of the changes:


Resistance to Changes


How to manage and overcome the resistance to change in DAFS?


Limitations of DAFS organisational change:







Organisational Changes in DAR AL FIKR SCHOOL (DAFS)

Descriptive and Analytic Assignment


This paper describes and analyses (Dar Al Fikr School) DAFS organisation structure and how this structure change over time to satisfy the market needs and the growth strategy. It incorporating appropriate key theories as a benchmark for comparison while showing why it constructed in the way it is, analyses the impact of the existing structure and systems used with the organisation with offering key points where improvements functionally can be made.

It is presenting applied changes to the structure based on and related to change management systems introduced in this module, finally the overall conclusions will aim to summarize the present changing process system, and offer some relevant notions for improvement.

An Informative Overview of DAFS Organisation:

In 1982 while the kingdom was at the gate of modernization as one of the Arab leading countries, and hence to cope with the education revolution in the kingdom and the middle east and to satisfy the requirements as a good high quality schools in the kingdom which match the international criteria and standards, but in the same time doesn't ignore the ecological culture effect on education. Some well-known businessmen in Jeddah community decided to start a new school to add value to the Saudi society and to satisfy the community demand of having...