Describe the changes occuring in America in the 1810-1830's thru the eyes of a foreign visitor, like Alexis De Tpcqueville.

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The period of time from 1810-1830 was an era of major social, economic and cultural changes in America. The War of 1812, fought between the British Canada and the Americans, was considered a victory for Americans. It was thought to be a successful defense of Americans rights. A strong sense of nationalism swept through the country in the years following this war. It was a time period known as the "Era of Good Feelings."

The economy of the United States began to flourish. It's rise and impact of the economy occurred between the end of the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Some significant economic developments were the invention of the cotton gin, the development of roads and canals, the success of new technology, new ways of transportation, and the growth of factories. Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, constructed a machine which was much more effective than picking cotton by hand.

This made cotton a profitable crop for the first time ever, since it could be harvested so quickly. Eli Whitney is also credited for creating a process in which various parts of a tool or weapon could be interchangeable with one another. This led to a revolutionary innovation; the manufacturing of products with interchangeable parts became a key element in the modern industrial revolution. Roads were vastly improved and river travel also prospered. Flatboats were replaced by steamboats, providing a faster way for people and goods to travel. Canals were built which connected existing rivers together. The most well known canal built during the time was the Erie Canal. Canals were eventually put out of use due to the invention of the railroad which became the fastest mode of travel. Factory growth also continued to flourish. Francis Lowell built the first dual purpose textile plant in...