Describe how the Cherokee and Seminole Indians resisted being removed from their lands east of the Mississippi. How did the Cherokee pattern of resistance differ from the Seminoles?

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In Georgia when gold was discovered, the Cherokee were forcibly removed from their land. The Cherokee sued in the Supreme Court for the right to remain on their land, and the ruling was in their favor.

But unfortunately, President Andrew Jackson ignored this ruling. He sent federal troops to remove the Cherokee. With the harsh winter conditions in 1838 the troops succeeded in removing the Cherokee form Georgia, and forced them to march to Oklahoma.

The Cherokee and Seminole were Indian nations and the way the settlers say it was that they were standing in the way of their progress with acquiring land. When Jackson's troops invaded Spanish Florida in 1818 the United States gained more partly because of the motivation to punish the Seminoles because they were harboring fugitive slaves.

Seminoles waged war to protect their territory. The Seminoles were aided be the fugitive slaves that found protection among them.

The First Seminole War lasted from 1817 to 1818. The presence of the fugitives enraged white planters and fueled their desire to defeat the Seminoles.

The Seminoles were corned into signing a removal treaty in 1833, but the majority of the tribe refused to leave which resulted in the Second Seminole War lasting from 1835 to 1842. Just like the first Seminole war the fugitive slaves fought beside the Seminoles again. In the end most Seminoles moved to the new territory to the west of where they already were. And the few that remained were forced to defend themselves in the Third Seminole War which lasted 1855 to 1858 when the United States military attempted to drive them out. The United States ended up paying the remaining Seminoles to leave and move to the west.

In 1831 the Cherokee went to the Supreme Court again. They based their appeal...