Describe the creation of the United States.

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The creation of the United States all began when the colonies settled in Jamestown. From there, they worked hard and long to obtain their independence, and to come together to be united as one.

There were many reasons why England wanted to establish colonies. Gold and silver were prominent, so economic opportunities lured them the most. English sailors hoped to finally find a water passage through North America to china + the Indies. They also hoped to find raw materials that they had to usually buy from European countries. And most people came because they weren't allowed religious freedom where they lived.

These settlers possessed great motivation, but some people were still quite unsure about this unknown America. They didn't want to know what type of dangers lay ahead. They weren't entirely off in their assumptions, of course the settlers had to face some problems. They had to put up with Native Americans and their differences while adapting to this new life.

They had to cope with diseases and getting food while dealing with the changes in weather. But mostly, they worried about shelters and supplies since they had just arrived. They also needed some type of leadership, someone who was reliable and could help them maintain order and gain stability.

Unless of course you planned to build a purified society, strictly off the bible, like the Plymouth colony. This specific colony consisted of puritans and pilgrims. The Pilgrims reached Cape cod and were faced with mayflower leaders. These people didn't like the fact that they didn't have a government. With William Bradford as their leader, they signed an agreement--the mayflower compact. As this new government flourished, they had some help along the way. Squanto, an Indian who escaped from England slavery, showed the pilgrims how to plant corn, fertilize...