Describe in details about the type of work my chosen public services carry out and also their positive and negative aspects of working.

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The work of the public services is related to the highest standard and it always in the public eyes, so that in public services employees are responsible for their own actions, some of the their actions without good planning could cause conflicts and some of them could cause their job, which I will explain in detail at the end of task two.


Police work varies depending on area to area and their ranks, so each police officer may have different job role comparing to other but they all have a primary purpose to improve the community and offer greater public reassurance. In Derbyshire the police officers works within a targeted patrol area to provide a visible and accessible uniformed presence; work with partners and community organisations to address anti-social behaviour, the fear of crime, environmental issues and other factors which affect the quality of people's lives. For example; reporting vandalism or damaged street furniture, reporting suspicious activity; providing crime prevention advice, deterring juvenile nuisance and visiting victims of crime.

All police officers have the following powers:

- They have the power of Issuing of fixed penalty notices (e.g. riding on footpath; dog fouling; litter)

- Power to confiscate alcohol and tobacco

- In some circumstances they have the power to arrest.

- They can demand the name and address of a person acting in an anti-social manner.

- Power of entry to save life or prevent damage

- Removal of abandoned vehicles.

The other work police officers and detectives carry out within a community is to enforce laws, catch criminals, collect evidence, patrol set areas to prevent crime, some patrol officer give out traffic tickets. All the patrol officers wear uniforms just to get noticed while patrolling streets, they work average 40hours a week when they work longer, and...