Describe the importance of the relationship between Greville and his children in the play 'Serious Money' as a whole.

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The relationship between Greville and his children Jake and Scilla, in the play "Serious Money" by Caryl Churchill, is a strained one and it is very important to the dynamics of the play. Greville displays favouritism towards his son Jake and Scilla resents Greville for this. Their relationship highlights the theme of money being the most important objective in ones life, as each member of the Todd family is more interested in helping out in a deal than helping out a family member. It is also a prime example of the differences in the new and old generations of the stock exchange because of the 'big bang'.

The relationship between Greville and his children is a rather distant one and hostility is particularly apparent between Greville and his daughter. Greville appears to favour his son Jake and for this Scilla is bitter. When Greville first finds out Jake has died he displays little emotion however the feelings he does show are ones of praise for Jake and later on, criticism towards Scilla.

He says Jake "had so many talents. Musician. Politician". He seemed to be fond of Jake as he adds other comments about him: "I wish he was still a baby and giving daddy a kiss." It must be noted however that although these words are kind, they are few and there are no outbreaks of emotion that you would expect a father to show when he hears his son has died. Scilla confirms her notion of thinking her father prefers his son to his daughter by saying to him: "you never liked me, Daddy. Jake was always your favourite." Greville makes no real effort to correct her daughter by telling her that she is wrong and that he loves his children equally, he only says:...