Describe an important change in the Macbeth. Explain how this change helped you understand an idea(s) in the text.

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In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the main character, Macbeth went through an important change. This change reinforced the idea of ambition and what it can lead to, throughout the text.

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s protagonist in the play Macbeth. Macbeth was one of the most honorable, courageous and loved generals in King Duncan’s army. We first hear about Macbeth when the wounded captain recounts the battle in which Macbeth won. Macbeth was seen as “valiant”. Then Macbeth found the witches and they foretold that he would be king. Macbeth realized that if he wanted the crown then he would need to kill the king. After wondering for a while he concluded that he would not kill the king and proceeded to tell his wife that they shall not kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth knew that Macbeth was weak and with only a single, fatal blow to his courage she deceived him into killing Duncan.

Macbeth under went a dramatic change, from hero to villain, from healthy ambition to dark ambition and from loved and respected general to an evil tyrant and “butcher”. These changes help the read understand the idea of uncheck ambition and what it leads to. Macbeth communicates ambition in both of its forms, good and evil and the resulting consequences of these both these forms.

Macbeth was an ambitious man. This led him to be one of the top generals in King Duncan’s army. Macbeth was noble and looked up to. He was always ambition but before meeting the witches he controlled his ambition. He caged his dark ambition. Duncan thought very highly of Macbeth he thinks of Macbeth as a “valiant cousin, worthy gentleman” . Macbeth was loved and trusted by the king. Macbeth became such a warrior because of his ambition. He wanted...