Describe one event in your life that had a major impact on you. (College Preparation) Title: "Bad Skiing Experience"

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Sergey Livshits

Bad skiing experience

It was a dry cold winter day the dirt that was muddy during the warmer months turned rock hard, my two friends George and Eddie and I where sitting outside on the stoop on the stairs in front of my building. We where talking, instead of throwing around snowballs and sledding down the hills. George brought up the idea of skiing, he went skiing every winter with his cousin Eddie they where almost pros compared to me. I never went skiing before in my life. This was the first time I ever went to a ski resort. My heart was pounding with excitement and fear I couldn't wait to set my feet in a pair of skis and just accelerate down the mountain.

At six in the morning I just awoke from a one hour nap, The Pontiac had traveled at least 100miles north from New York City away from civilization, the street lights where still illuminating the endless suburban road.

Roma who was the uncle of Eddie and George my two friends that lived across the street from me for the last four years was driving us to the Catskill Mountains. As we approached Hunter Mountain the driving conditions deteriorated. The snow began to fall as flurries and quickly intensified and began to fall at a heavy rate. When we approached the parking lot I saw a my first glimpse of the mountain I was surprised of how large it was right from the moment that I saw it I was intimidated by it. I had a visual of a few skiers and snowboarders going down the slope I said to myself I could never do that.

Roma, Eddie and George walked to the ticket booth while I went to rent skis. I...