Describe some of the techniques which may be used within the media to marginalize the views and experiences of any one group of your choice.

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I have decided to focus on Race as my group.

The opinions of groups within the media depend on the way the audience portray it so race can be portrayed in a number of ways.

Representation means the way in which ideas, objects, people, groups and life form in the real world. Race can be shown in lots of negative ways through films, radio and all across the media. An area of minority that has increased on our screens over the last 5 years, and the most recent development being a channel from the BBC especially made for Asian viewers.

"Launched with much fanfare on October 28th was the BBC's latest digital channel - BBC Asian Network. Until now the Asian Network has been broadcasting in the Midlands and the North on medium wave frequencies. The new digital channel boasts a morning programme presented from London by the vivacious Sonia Deol.

(BBC website)"

A popular program that shows Asians in a comedy aspect is "Goodness gracious me," this show is made humorous to attract the audiences, although they often make fun of themselves and there religion the program attracts a wide audience of different race's.

The Asian aspects have realism of real Asian families such as clinging mothers, girls regarded as second class citizens, the snobbery of assimilating Englishness but the themes were universal - enough to widen the audiences who, though of different backgrounds, could appreciate the comedy and Asian aspects.

Another program that makes fun of Asians, while played by Asians is "The Kumar's at No. 42," This is a sitcom/talk show. The Kumar's are an Asian family who has their own talk show! Sanjeev Kumar, the host, talks to the guests while his family asks questions!

Both these programs are aired on the BBC, although its...