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When I feel overwhelmed by professional stress, I indulge in my passion for rowing. I've been a dedicated athlete since high school, pursuing sports such as football, lacrosse and bicycling. In addition to providing great physical benefits, exercise diffuses the physical and emotional stress of my marketing career.

I discovered my passion for rowing at age eighteen, when I joined Princeton's lightweight crew team.

I quickly discovered the intensity of the sport and the rigid training regimen. Although initially overwhelmed, I was inspired by the dedication and discipline of my teammates. My competitive spirit enabled me to focus on my diet, sleep habits and training schedule, choosing the proper combination to improve my performance and avoid injuries. I developed an acute awareness of my body and how to maximize its potential under difficult conditions. During college, I spent more than 30 hours per week training, developing the discipline, determination, and respect to pursue my sport.

Although my competitive rowing days are over, I continue to row recreationally and apply the lessons I've mastered to other personal and professional challenges.

Living in the city, I can not indulge my passion for rowing on a daily basis. Yet on a clear weekend morning, following a week of deadlines, personnel issues and campaign strategies, nothing is more relaxing that an exhilarating row across Lake Geneva, using my physical strength to gently tread water and become one with nature.