Describe the symbols in the film "Run Lola Run" and how they help in developing the ideas in the film.

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The film "Run Lola Run", directed by Tom Tykwer is filled with very strong visual and oral symbols which greatly aid in developing the ideas within it. These range from a ear piercing scream to a simple plastic bag, all drastically affecting the outcome.

One of the most significant symbols I thought was the plastic bag. This small and unimportant everyday item is thrown into stardom in the film, being the cause of both Manni and Lola's actions. This is one thing the bag symbolises, how small and insignificant things can drastically alter the outcome of your day, week or even life. An example of this is in the second repetition where Manni doesn't see the bag and ends up being killed by and ambulance however in the third repetition he sees the bag, regains it and then goes on to live happily ever after. Also I think the bag symbolises Manni and Lola's relationship.

The bag and its contents are what they are both striving to gain, doing whatever they can to get it. This is very similar to their relationship where Manni and Lola would do anything for each other, risking life and limb to meet the others needs.

When Lola screams in the film it symbolises a drastic change of atmosphere. An example of this takes place in the casino. Lola is waiting for the roulette ball to stop and unleashes a ear piercing scream which shatters all the glass in the casino and all the happenings around her cease, drawing all the attention to herself and the result of the roulette game. When she stops screaming the atmosphere has drastically changed for a friendly, buzzing casino to one which is silent and tense, with all the focus directed on Lola. This can again be...