Describes the three most popular types of trucks. Low riders, stock, and 4X4. advantages and disadvantages to each.

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Flashy, low-ridin' Chevy trucks cruise down the highway reaching excessively high speeds. The drivers in the slow trucks being side-swiped honk their horns and holler out obscene language. At the same time, a monstrous Blazer cutting through the mountains maneuvers up a rocky trail desperate to reach the top. Anyone's driving needs, whether for flying down the street, cutting through the mountains, or simply for commuting, can be met by one of three types of trucks. These trucks make up the categories of "stock trucks", " 4X4's", and "low-riders".

Stock trucks, wanted by the least amount of people, provide nothing but transportation to the driver. These drivers, who lack style consciousness, purchase their trucks and never lay a wrench on them thereafter. The lack of style consciousness is obvious due to the fact that the truck, as plain as the day they bought it, does not please the eye at all.

Sometimes, these drivers don't do anything to their trucks because they can't afford to, or they might simply be lazy. Having regular washings might not even be in the routine for these malnourished modes of transportation.

While in the rugged mountains, it's almost impossible not to observe 4x4's in their natural habitat. Aggressive-treaded tires supporting a raised chassis make it easy to pioneer the rough terrain high up in the mountains. Drivers make a sport of cutting through the trees and rocks, with an ultimate goal of reaching the top of the mountain. V8 engines roar beneath the hoods of these beasts made of raw power. These trucks are more desirable than the stock trucks, but still aren't as stylish as low-riders.

Quick and stylish, a low-rider truck intrigues many people. Always lowered and customized, these trucks catch a few eyes as they cruise by. Big...