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My Trip To Puerto Rico

I am from a small town of all most all white people and I had never been outside of the United States until 1997. I went to Puerto Rico that year to play baseball. I knew baseball would keep me occupied, but I wanted a chance to experience the island. Puerto Rico was a very different place compared to where I come from and it didn't take me long to realize that.

I guess it all started when, I got off the plane. The airport was full of Puerto Ricans. It was kind of an awkward place for me, because I was used to being around white people. Then, I saw a team representative holding a card with my name on it, and he was also Puerto Rican. I went over and introduced myself. While standing there, one of my teammates came over, of who I didn't know, and he was black.

The word uncomfortable is the perfect word to describe how I was feeling at that moment.

Being socially uncomfortable at that point, I hurried to get to the team van. Then, the heat hits you right in the face and made me physically uncomfortable. It actually took my breath away. I couldn't really inhale deep breathes of air. Of course, that was because I wasn't used to that type of climate. Luckily, the van was air conditioned and made a pleasant drive to the hotel.

When we arrived at the Sands Hotel, I was perfectly impressed. The hotel was enormous, gorgeous, and had many activities to offer. Although, I didn't get to take advantage hotel the first night, because I had a team meeting to attend in meeting room 1. When all the players where at the meeting, we introduced ourselves by announcing...