Describing A Room

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The soft corners on my keyboard and track-ball mouse conflict with the wooden desk they rest upon. A sticker covered monitor stands on two old dictionaries in a temperate setup. Behind is an imposing window that matches the one on the opposite side of the TV. Tossed on a round, glass table is another computer. To the left of it, a glass sliding door leads to the backyard. Beside it, a more permanently confined computer is in a cluttered desk. Beyond is a door less doorway leading to the kitchen that blends with the brick wall next to it. About four feet from the kitchen most of the brick wall ends. Extending from there for about another four feet is a waist high, marble topped, brick peninsula. Standing high on it are six candleholders, two with red, short thick candles and the other four with thin, tall white candles.

On the other side are two armchairs and a couch. A floor to ceiling window opens the view into the front yard. Outside, bamboo trees have a tranquil way of being whisked, by the wind, in front of the spherical lamp. Left of that window is another empty doorway, but this one leads to the dinning table. Twining it on the opposing side is another leading to the foyer. Stretching from there to the original is a wall with a bookcase and a couch up against it. Filling the spaces is an assortment of different chairs, a couch matching the other two, another bookcase, two dresser-type desks and lots of random stuff.