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The most enjoyable experience in my life has always happened on Friday nights. This is not a coincidence, in high school Friday night was the only night there was a football game. The game starts at 7:30, but we have to be in the locker room by 4:45. I arrive with some fellow teammates at 4:50, exactly. It's still very bright and very hot by the time I arrive with some friends. The parking lot is separated from the locker room only by the weight room, a quad area, and a gate. As we walk up, I can see two big yellow school buses marked Arrowhead School District. This is when the butterflies kick in. It doesn't matter how many games you've played in, you always get butterflies before hand.

We continue past the buses into the locker room, to the left there's the training room, to the right a hallway that leads to the varsity locker room. I turn left into the trainer's room. It's a room made out of white brick and every brick is signed by a former athlete from the school. There are four massage tables in the room with six trainers working hard to make sure the athletes are in top shape for the games. I get my wrists and ankles taped before every game to prevent sprains. After that I walk out of the trainers office down the hallway to the locker room.

I enter. It's dead silent, a rule of the coaches. There are there are lockers on all four sides of the room and two black benches in the middle. The lockers are teal, and there's two rows of them. My locker is toward the end. It is fairly easy to spot because of the big dent in it.