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Circumcision www.cirp.org - Since this was the first website I visited and I happened to see an issue which I feel strongly about I spent an above average time going over the material provided on the website. Had it been towards the end of the test I wouldn't have spent so much time since it really is not wise to waste all your time on one question but this issue just happened to get me going right out of the bat.

The website provided more than adequate information to parents trying to make the decision whether to have their unborn or newborn child circumcised and advocates waiting to allow to the child to decide whether he/she would prefer circumcision when they are capable of making this decision. Most of this information is never even made available to parents trying to make this decision. In a majority of cases the parents never make the decision, it is left up to the pediatrician who according to his/her preference either circumcise the child along with all other routine post-labor tests and treatments or leaves it to the parents or child.

This I think is very sad. The person who should be making the decision is not yet old enough to comprehend the decision and the next best options (mom and dad) are in most cases never consulted. If people knew the pain and possible deformity they were putting their child through due solely to the fact that it is a traditional practice, I think they would demand a say in the matter as they should. Most people don't know, though not absolutely necessary, the foreskin of the penis is not simply an evolutionary left over such as the pancreas, but a functioning and useful part of the male sexual...