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Imam Malik had the sophisticated appearance of a hero in a 60's high society movie.. He wore a black business suit, matching tie, white shirt, and a black hat. His dress gave the impression that he was a very neat person. His suit was well ironed, the shirt was bright white, and there was not a speck of dust on the hat. When the man entered our classroom with his father, I thought his father was the Imam and the Imam was an assistant. The man standing in front of us seemed to be much younger than I imagined he would be, and it was hard to believe that such a young person really had much knowledge of the Muslim or the Islamic world. Beforehand, I had heard that the speaker was a fine Muslim scholar. The guest speaker was considerably younger than I imagined. He seemed to be in his late 20's.

He looked around us with a friendly gentle smile for a while before he began to speak. I thought he would be a calm person and his voice would be soft and I was little bit afraid of my sleeping habit in the classroom. However, once he started his speech, he spoke very animatedly about the Muslim religion and the Islamic world. He was a very talented speaker. He changed his tone along with the various topics he discussed. Often, his manner of his expression was very basic. He also explained the concepts of the religion and the Islamic world with a lot of vivid examples. From this, even I could get the concept of the religion without great difficulty.