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English 101

23 January 2005

Impact of Socialism on the Cuban Economy:

A Contrasting Picture.

Cuba is a beautiful country located in the Caribbean Sea, as an island it is obviously surrounded by water; this fact provides the country with many beautiful beaches and tropical sights worth visiting. All year long with the exception of only few days during the winter season, the weather is very nice, with warm temperatures and gust of air that refreshes you constantly.

The economy of Cuba has developed amazingly in the last five to ten years, since the government realized that their gold mine was not behind the sugar cane fields or the coffee plantations they persistently thought for over twenty five years. After noticing that Cuba is obviously a tropical paradise and a place where many people are willing to spend lots of money, the government turned all the resources into the tourism industry.

This change was also strongly influenced by the disappearance of the Soviet Union who had supported the country economically and ideologically since Fidel Castro's revolution proclaimed its socialist character in January 1, 1959.

For many decades Cuba was completely dependent on the Soviet Union. It was the only international market; Cuba would give a couple of tons of sugar and receive in exchange thousands of products and resources from the Socialist empire that was the Soviet Union at that time.

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But this isolation brought consequences along, specially when the Cuban government

adopted a hostile position to any nation who disagreed with its political system, their you-are-either-with-us-or-against-us policy did not help the socialist nation at all when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, and with it Cuba's only ally: the Soviet Union.

Because of this dependency in 1989 the Cuban economy was at its worst...