This was a description essay, we got to write about anything we wanted to. We had to try and use all of the senses and describe them in the paper!

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When you walk outside and a chill runs up your spine because of the cold crisp air, you know it's that time of the year. When you can't wait for Sunday nights, you know it's that time of the year. That's right, it's football season. The second most wonderful time of the year, behind Christmas time of course. And what could be more exciting then going to a football game? Well other than opening up that present and finding that Santa gave you what you've been waiting for all year, nothing.

The excitement begins the moment you wake up. Usually you may slowly get out of your bed, not quite ready to tackle the day's events, but today you bounce out of your bed faster than a bullet out of a gun. You can feel it inside of you. It won't let you settle down. You quickly throw on your jeans, a t-shirt, and your favorite jersey, and head out to the living room where you find your dad packing everything up.

You look around the room and notice that something is missing. Your brother, that lazy bum is probably still sleeping. You run down into his room and wake him up as fast as you can, because as soon as he's ready you know it's time to leave. After you make sure that he's up and dressed you run back upstairs to let your dad know that everyone is ready, and that it's time to go. Soon it will be time to go, and you just can't wait.

Finally, in what seemed like ages, you're on the road. Right next to you driving is your dad. He's got a smile on his face because he can feel the excitement running through you. In the back seat is your lazy...