Description of five places in "The Wasteland"

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Burial Ground

There is nothing here. It is hot. The sunrays beat down. There is no escape from it because the trees are dead. There is no water; the ground is stony and dry. Nothing will grow because it is a dead land, nothing can grow is there is no water. This is not a land for growth; this is a land for death.

The most alive thing is the shadow under a red rock. Shadows are dynamic because they are constantly changing throughout the day. When the sun is low on the horizon the shadows are very long and narrow, as the sun goes up the shadows because shorter and rotate about the object depending on the position on the sun.

There is nothing to fear except for a handful of dust. This is because dust is all there is. There is no other meaning or depth to this life except for the dust and that is something a society who bases their structure on meaning should fear.

Unreal City

This is a modern city located in London right by the London Bridge. It has factories, roads, and not many signs of nature, which represent life. This is a city for the dead.

It is foggy, desolate, and cold especially in the winter months. The city smog creates a brown haze over the city, making it seem blurry and unreal.

It is very crowded but not with people, with ghosts. The ghosts are the lives taken from war, and they now inhabit this city. The ghosts are not very friendly and generally keep to themselves. They have no purpose and just wander around. They do not even looking up at where they are going, because it does not matter.


This land does not have many habitants, simply garbage...