This is a description of a moment of achievement. In this case it is recieving a 4.0 gpa on my report card

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I can't believe this is actually happening, my single most desired dream has finally come true. With my hands shaking from sheer astonishment, I hold my second semester report card, not believing that the number printed adjacent to the word GPA is actually a 4.0. The first few minutes are spent trying to absorb reality. Can this really be happening? Have I finally obtained the GPA that I have shot for all my life? I feel myself in a dreamlike state of mind, as if a trance has fallen over me. Then it finally sets in. A sudden joy sweeps through my body, rejuvenating it right down to the last cell. I jump up out of my chair, knocking it to the ground, and start prancing around the room like a blissful fairy. At this point I can hardly contain myself as I struggle to keep the exhilaration to a minimum.

As a tradition I like to trick my mom into thinking that I did something bad so when she finds out that I actually did something good she will be even more thrilled of my achievement. I rush out of my room and down to the kitchen where my mom is making dinner. At the bottom of the staircase I stop and improvise a strategic plan of execution. Now I am becoming very jittery with a combination of eagerness and euphoria. Quickly I pull myself together, whip up a sad face, and enter the room. The minute my mom looks at my face she knows what I am "sad" about, and simply sticks out her hand in disappointment. I can tell by my mom's inert body language that she is really let down by my laziness in school, and failure to receive a 4.0. Little does she know...