A description of the movie "Anne of a Thousand Days" as well as character analysis and theme of the movie.

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A warrant for the death of Anne Boleyn is brought to King Henry for him to sign. Anne is married to King Henry and is charged with adultery and high treason. The King seems to be having trouble signing the death warrant.


King Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon before he got married to Anne Boleyn. King Henry believed his marriage to Catherine was condemned in Heaven and Hell because she never bore a son. He wanted a son so there would be a male heir to the throne when he died. Since Catherine never bore a son and was past the child bearing age Henry was looking for another woman to have a son as his heir. Henry met Anne Boleyn at a ball (party) and he fell in love with her. Anne was not interested in the King and he continued to court her and try to get her to love him too.

King Henry finally became annoyed and ordered her to come live with him and serve him. Anne wanted King Henry to divorce Catherine before she would agree to marry him. She said that she would give him many sons if he would divorce his wife. King Henry went to court to annul his marriage to Catherine, but he lost the case. Cardinal Wolsey was disgraced and had to turn over everything. King Henry became the head of the church.

After awhile Anne finally fell in love with King Henry, and told him she didn't care if divorced his wife. King Henry married Anne and after a short time she became pregnant. Anne had the child and it was a girl called Elizabeth I. King Henry was angry that Anne didn't have a boy. Soon after Anne became pregnant again with a...