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Description / Observation Paper

"A Day at the Races"

Pulling up in my mom's Corolla, I parked the car way out in the back of the parking field. My adrenaline was already pumping. Even from where I was at, I could hear the roar like the yell of a lion. I put on my shades and got out of the car. Walking with a cool stride, I glided over to the main event. What I saw next was extravagant. It reminded me of fire ants hurrying to do their work. Drivers were strapping in their cars, the crews were checking out the cars, and fans were on the edge of their seats waiting for the green flag to be waved. It was a tremendous site to see.

The appetizing aromas of bratwursts, hot dogs, nachos, pizza, and French fries were in the air. Fans were stretched out down the sidewalks attempting to get their snacks and refreshments before the event started.

Others would open up their coolers with their own snacks and drinks. The mouth-watering smells made my stomach rumble.

As the pace car came out, the fans gave a loud cheer and the cars pulled onto the track and started their warm-up laps around the track. After the third lap, the green flag was waved and the engines burst out in happy song. Chills ran up my spine. Drivers knew that the next minute was one of the most important times of the race. Each driver mashed their foot on the gas and struggled to get the coveted first position. After the cars settled down and got up to speed it was just a matter of knowing who was around you and having a keen eye for an opening to pass.

On lap 27, Derrike Cope, car number...