A description of some treaties with Australia held by Fiji as of 01/01/2003.

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Country: Fiji

Location: Oceania

Sparteca trade treaty

The South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Co-operation Agreement is a non-reciprocal trade agreement under which the two developed nations of the South Pacific Forum, Australia and New Zealand offer duty free and unrestricted or concessional access for virtually all products originating from the developing island member countries of the Forum.

This treaty allows free trade from Fiji to Australia; the imported items from Fiji will have no tax on them meaning they will be as cheap if not cheaper than national goods. This free trade agreement is beneficial for both economies as the duty free agreement is either way, so all Australian exported goods will also be tax-free.

Treaty of Rarotonga

The Treaty prohibits the testing, manufacture, acquisition, and stationing of nuclear explosives in the territory of Parties to the Treaty and the dumping of radioactive wastes at sea within the zone.

The Treaty also requires all parties to apply International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards to all their peaceful nuclear activities. There is also a provision for mandatory on-site inspection, to assure compliance.

The Treaty affirms the right of each party to decide for itself whether to allow visits by foreign ships and aircraft to its ports and airfields. It also explicitly upholds the freedom of navigation on the high seas and passage through territorial waters guaranteed by international law.

The Treaty was opened for signature on August 6, 1985, in Rarotonga Cook Islands. The Treaty entered into force December 11, 1986. The protocols were opened for signature on August 8, 1986, in Suva, Fiji. All five nuclear weapon states have signed the Protocols for which they are eligible.

This treaty was put in place for safety issues, because of the treaty the Pacific Islands are free from nuclear weaponry which...