A Description of the Symphonic Brilliance of the Coastal Concert Band.

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I attended the Coastal Carolina University Symphonic Band Concert on December 6, 2005 performed by Coastal Students. The performers were students, but seemed to act very professional. The concert included a wide variety of music that varied in timbres, texture, rhythm, and melody. The quality of sound was very excellent and projected well throughout the entire theatre. I really enjoyed the variety in the music, and the concert experience as a whole.

The first piece, Sinfonietta Fanfare, composed by Leos Janacek, opened the concert with a basic original sonata form piece. This piece was not too dynamic, nor too plain. It repeated the main theme of a sonata in different styles. The tempo was moderate throughout. I think that this piece was an excellent one to open the concert with. It communicated a very cheerful rhythm to get the audience's attention. The second piece was Children's March, by Percy Grainger.

This piece differed from the first in that it was slower and less intense. This is the only piece in the concert where a piano was played. The rhythm was simple, with a thin texture. The third piece was Mangulina, by Paul Basler. This was one of my favorite pieces in the concert. This piece was very colorful, loud, and dynamic. The very intense and interesting percussion was particularly memorable. There were very intense drum beats as well as other percussion instruments that created a very unique sound. This piece was very intense and interesting. It seemed to have a very complex rhythm and a thick texture. A wide variety of timbres were used throughout this piece, as well as a wide variety of dynamic levels. It fluctuated between pianissimo and fortissimo many times. The transition between quiet and loud sounds helped provide the intensity. Jesu Joy of Man's...