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T.B. Thorpe is from 1815 until 1878. Thorpe spent his childhood in Dutch Albany, with his mother's family, and summers with his paternal grandparents in

Connecticut. While painting plantation families in Louisiana and Mississippi, he is a famous poet.

During a trip to New York in 1840, Thorpe sdidified his friendship with Porter and arranged to write for the Knickerbocker Magazine. It includes many puzzles to play on table. I like it! The title of his anthology of the best southwestern humor writing he had published "The Big Bear of Arkansas, and other sketches."

Later, which year Thorpe published a book of his own, Mysteries of the Backwoods; or, sketches of the southwest: Including Character, Scenery, and Rural Backwoods Sports.

In 1854, while War 1 will end, he published an enlargement of his Mysteries Volume as wrote for parent.