Description of the workings and intricacies of a CEO.

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Chief Executive Officer

In the murky waters of corporate America, there is one position that takes more ridicule, blame, commendation, and praise then any other. This position in business is of course the CEO. This highest-ranking position in industry carries with it much responsibility not only to the company as a whole, but also to the individual employees who work there.

The Chief Executive Officer carries much of his or her responsibility in the fields of communication, organization, direction, and leadership. It is the job of the CEO to direct, plan, and implement policies and objectives in the organization. As CEO, you plan procedures, establish responsibilities, and coordinate functions among departments and sites. Continuing, a CEO must confer with board members, officials, and staff members. The CEO also presides over or serves on a board of directors, or other governing body. He or she must analyze operations to evaluate performance of company and staff.

A CEO reviews financial statements and sales and activity reports, along with preparing budgets and reports. One large responsibility of the CEO is to assign and delegate jobs to his employees or subordinates. As a spokesman for the company, the CEO properly represents his company before the public, government agencies, and community groups.

Many advantages come with this prestigious and esteemed career. One of the obvious advantages of the profession is the large salary. The national average salary for a CEO is $522,060. New York, and more specifically, Rochester, is especially appealing for an aspiring CEO. A typical CEO in Rochester, New York earns a median base salary of $542,942 a year! Many bonuses and benefits come with this job as well. The total compensation for a CEO, base plus bonuses, nationally, $763,785, and in Rochester, New York is $794,336. Adding benefits such as social security,