Description of what you have experienced as a major joy or a series of smaller related joys.

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Throughout our journeys, we can expect the road of life to be paved with many joys and sorrows. What I am about to convey to you, the reader, are a few of my joyful memories during my quarter of a century travels on this road. Some of you will be able to empathize with what I say and relate to the same general feelings. Others will not relate to my own specific events but instead recall their own. As human beings, we can relate to the same subject of joy and sorrow.

My earliest, joyful childhood memory is that of my grandmother and the times we spent with one another. I had to have been about seven years old. At that age my grandmother meant the world to me. I remember her taking me on "secret" walks with her on her farm. These special adventures were reserved just for me.

We would go to her meadow of wild flowers on warm and sunny days, lay down a big comfy blanket, and have a picnic fit for royalty. She would always go out of her way to make our special retreats in this place magical. She would pack her best plates and crystal water goblets in her large wicker picnic basket, along with all the foods and beverages we jointly enjoyed. She and I would make our way to this place on earth that was reserved solely for the two of us, all the while, her reminiscing about our shared bonds of heritage. When we would get to our lea, with its soft scents of honeydew dancing around our noses, we would feast on our picnic. During our banquet, we would concoct outlandish stories, each of us building off the others, most of which involved fire breathing dragons and damsels...