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Recreation centers sometimes are not the best location unless you like sports of course and talking to all the athletes that go by there. I do not suggest going to this spot to "get away from problems" because there is a lot of commotion, day or night. But I do recommend going there and having a good time because of all the people. As I sat on the bench under that enormous welcome sign, it made me think and I wondered if people actually read that or if it was just pointless to be up there. It got me to thinking about basketball and how I cannot wait until our games start and then hopefully everyone will read it because our games will be posted up there. My place on the bench did make me think, but did not allow much time for it.

The only reason I to have to come sit by the recreation center would be to see other athletes.

There has not been one time I've been to the gym without seeing somebody I knew and stopping and talking or even just saying hi to someone. Sitting there in the daytime is louder than nighttime because more practices are going on. The tons of black dots in the sky take my attention off of all the people because I wonder how birds get up so high like that. Then all of a sudden someone yells your name or a car drives past with its thundering music and my eyes avert from the sky. I smile or say hi to basically everyone that passes, and I have to look up every time because I hear feet shuffling and cleats banging on the concrete. I think of an army when I hear those spikes hitting the ground because...