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Green Flamer is his name. This guy is roughly 6 ft 5 in tall, is covered from head to toe in green, and has a very fine toned outer body. If you haven't seen muscles, wait until you come into contact with this hero. His name, Green Flamer, fits the way he lives. He is green, and flames are part of his life.

A typical person would burn to death in the amount of heat produced by his flames, but flames are what he lives in. He is immortal to every living aspect, and he is here to serve and protect citizens from harms way. When someone's life is in danger of a speeding bullet, train, or even a flame thrower, he will take the blow and then destroy whatever caused the citizens' harm.

The media loves the Green Flamer. Every article that they can get their hands on, about the Green Flamer, ends up on the front page of the daily newspaper. Some stories don't even deal with him being a hero, as long as Green Flamer is mentioned; the audience will buy and read the newspaper.

As you have read, you can figure out that the Green Flamer is a weird mixture of outside traits, yet he is known throughout the whole world. It doesn't take looks to become popular, intakes the hard skills of being a hero who won't let anything get in his path of saving and protecting somebody's life. The media and the people praise the Green Flamer for what he does, not what his appearance is, even though green isn't a bad color, it is kind of strange on a person.