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English 100-011

"A night to remember" (Descriptive Essay)

Bamm!! That was the sound of the car door slam it was my prom night supposed to be the most beautiful, precious and memorable night out of my whole high school career other than Graduation. My hair was beautiful my dress was stunning and my face was "beat". But my night was nowhere near perfect my night was more like a Macaroni Salad mixed up of all types of different emotions, situations, laughs, and whole hell of a lot of tears. Yep! I was living the teenage girl dream (prom night), however this dream was a mixed up nightmare with a sprinkle of a little sugar.

"Ding dong'', the doorbell rings at approximately 10:15am, Ehh "who that is?" I asked myself. I had no urgency to get the door, so I took my time getting off the couch and walking to the door.

WHO IS IT? I asked. The anonymous man wearing the brown suit on the other side of the door replied "UPS package for (Da-see-uh White-Field). I opened the door and immediately corrected him it's "Dasia Whitfield". The delivery guy apologized and handed me the clipboard to sign my name then gave me this big ole humongous box and said good day. I quickly shut the door, at this point I'm super excited I knew by the shape of the box that my prom dress was enclosed. I ran upstairs, SLAM! I shut my door to my room took the dress out the box to try it on.

I got the dress pass my thighs and butt the pulled it up to my bust, everything's up now it's time to zip, ZZZZZZipp... The zipper goes and then stops right in the crease of...