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Descriptive essay 'The Journey'.


Kattya Sofia Zamarrón Cepeda

ENG 095-22 Writing Skills II, M 01:00-03:45

Due: Oct 13, 2014

"The journey ",Talks about a young girl, Sofy, returning to school, with mixed feeling about it. There are some issues faced her, such as, getting ready, transportation and walking in door.

At 6:30, the sound of a new message wakes him up, sofy rolls over and reach her phone. Then she slowly wipe the crust from her eyes and begin to read. Just as she begins to reconnect with her dream, at about 6:45, she's interrupted once more. It is a loud repeated banging, knock knock*, at her bedrooms door like a carpenter hammering. Without thoughts or words, she rolls out of bed, grab her cloth and towel, and head for the bathroom. When her shower ends, she is forced to rush through both the grooming and dressing, because there is a massive cold front of his apartment.

By 7:20, all is well, and she is ready for her journey. As she walks down the street, the frigid air begins to take its toll. She immediately slip her headphones into her pockets, and she tie his hood tightly around her eyes. While waiting patiently at the crowded bus stop, she begins to ponder. She thought about how long she will be waiting?, and will She be able to sit in the bus?. She enters the bus, tap his card, and walk away. She spots a seat in the back of the bus next to a pretty good-looking guy in his 20's, so she happily fill it, When the bus pulls into the Copley station, Sofy stand and exit the buss, wondering if the guy at least looked at her, 2 min later, she forget about him.