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The girl snapped awake from her darkest dream. She saw the images of her future. It was horrifying. The verisimilitude of those images was just unbelievable. They depicted her future so vividly that it appeared to be like a television program that projected her deepest fear. She tried to stand up for the first time and failed. She pulled herself together and stood on her feet. She glanced around her and found that she was brought into this mysterious and lifeless forest by the book. The blackness that seemed to envelop the forest was intermittently dotted by the bright stars that radiated light. She could tell that she was in a rural community, because the usual dead light coming from the city was nowhere in view. She yelled for help, until she could yell no longer, but the yelling was in vain. The lethal, penetrating wind pierced her skin and bones.

She felt something different. It was not just normal breeze that she experienced back at home near the creek. It was a spell of a powerful wizard.

She turned around but the darkness covered all of her nearby surroundings. She fell over a tree branch that was unfortunately protruding out onto the trail. As she rose she saw a powerful light emanating from behind a tree that was between her and the creek. She continued closer and closer to the glowing aura that had recently been created by some object foreign to her. The light illuminated the ground that covered the base of the tree. Small, brown leaves were scattered innocently around the tree. A diminutive rabbit teased her feet before nibbling at the nearby berry bush. As she ventured around the tree, she located the source of the luminance. It was a small, rectangular diary that was engraved...